Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk

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Why Moto Loot
  • Turn heads everywhere you go with this motorcycle helmet mohawk!

    Our helmet mohawks are built to last. They are made from practically indestructible automotive grade rubber and stick to your helmet using industrial grade double-sided tape. These things have been scientifically tested to hold on at speeds over 160MPH!

    If you're not convinced you need this, please tell me why not. Seriously, flick me an email to and tell us what we need to do to convince you :)

    Helmet mohawk features:

    • Approximately 16" (40.6cm) long
    • Easy to install
    • Can be cut shorter for smaller helmets or for customization
    • Made from durable automotive grade rubber
    • Adhere to your helmet with industrial grade double-sided tape.


    • Helmet NOT included.
    • Motorcycle NOT included.
    • People NOT included.
    • It is your responsibility to comply with the laws applicable to you.