Motorcycle Face Mask - Skull

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Why Moto Loot

Don't you hate it when you're going for a blast on your bike and a massive bug flies in your mouth? Or when you're trying to enjoy your ride and the cold air is almost giving your frost bite? Yeah, I hate it too... With this motorcycle face mask you'll no longer have to worry about these small riding troubles.

Not only is this mask extremely useful, it also looks f#cking awesome! Your riding buddies will quickly become jealous as soon as they see you wearing it. "That looks awesome, where did you get it?" and "I need that!" are the kinds of things you'll hear every time you go out for a ride!



  • Cold wash and line dry only
  • Up to 30 SPF
  • Do not iron
  • One size fits most
  • Hat, glasses, shirt and man NOT included