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Securely and conveniently display your motorcycle helmet with this door-mounted helmet rack. The innovative helmet hook design sits flat against the back inside of your helmet - holding it securely and without pressure points.

    • Safely and securely holds your motorcycle helmet - innovative helmet hook design that sits flat against the inside back of your helmet (like your skull)
    • No drilling or wall damage - perfect for renters or anyone who can't drill into their walls. 
    • Never worry about your helmet falling - Door slam tested (scroll down to see). Also it's insanely overbuilt and strong (5/32" steel). 
    • Put your expensive helmet on display - your helmet is expensive and looks sick, so show it off. It's better than a painting or a poster
    • Never wonder where your key or helmet is - always kept together in one convenient place
    • Not an ugly eyesore like other racks - black powder coated steel and polished wood


      Perfect for renters or if you don't want holes in your wall. Also has silicone padding to protect your door.


      Just hook it over your door. Designed to fit most doors. The gap is 1.578" (4cm). Extra silicone spacers are included in the box to ensure a snug fit on thinner doors.


      Never worry about your helmet falling. The innovative helmet hook design securely holds it without pressure points.


      We tested the shit out of this. Your helmet will not fall.


      1. It doesn't require you to put holes in your wall. This makes it perfect for rentals or if you simply don't want holes in your wall. The hanger has a silicone backing, so it will not damage your door.

      2. Innovative helmet hook design securely and aesthetically holds your helmet. Ours is specially designed to sit flat against the inside back - just like your skull would. This aesthetically holds your helmet flat against the wall and has no risk of it falling off.

      3. Put simply, it looks nice. The powder coated steel and polished wood looks fantastic in any room. Other helmet hangers tend to be made of cheap looking thin, mass-produced, stamped steel or flimsy plastic.

      4. We've thoroughly tested it to ensure your helmet will never fall when properly installed. We've slammed the shit out of many doors, with many helmets, to ensure yours will be secure.

      5. Free shipping, quality customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantee. It sounds cliché, but we really care about our customers. We want you to have a fantastic experience and keep coming back - so we'll do whatever it takes to make you happy.

      It is designed to fit most doors. The gap is 1.578" (4cm). Extra silicone spacers are included in the box to ensure a snug fit on thinner doors.

      It's really simple. Attach the hanger part to the door part with the provided 4 nuts and tool. Then simply hang it over your door.

      We also include instructions.


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      On any suitable door. Ensure when you open the door your helmet won't bang into the wall.

      It's made from 5/32" thick, black powder coated steel and durable polished plywood. It also has silicone backing to protect your door.

      The part that goes over the door will bend if you try. This is because it needs to be thin enough to fit in the small gap between your door and door frame.

      The helmet hanger part will never bend. It's seriously overbuilt and strong.

      Yes, no problem.

      Just contact us for the return instructions.


      Extremely secure

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      Minimal design

      Bulky design

      No wall damage

      Needs wall holes

      Renter friendly

      Needs holes

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      Fast dispatch

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Excellent Product

      I bought two of these to hang both mine and my wife's helmets, and they work amazing. It is easy to install and you can fit two on one door. I highly recommend this if you do not want to put holes in your walls and want to free up space from where your helmet is currently placed.

      Brandon Nelson
      Perfect for apartments!

      I rent an apartment and wanted to hang my helmet, but didn't want to put holes in the walls. When I heard that motoloot came out with an over the door hanger, I jumped right on it! It came fast and in very good packaging. Went together with 4 screws and my helmet now has a home! Thanks guys!

      Norman T.
      Helmet hanger

      When I was looking at the helmet hanger , I was like umm simple enough. Pictures on line made it look inexpensive, not as nice as it is in person. The packaging was nice it came with a tool and extra pads to insure that it fits well on the door. Great job motoloot!!

      Very* well made

      Far surpassed expectations, back is already padded to protect your door, with an extra rubber wedge to keep it from wobbling due to excess width hooked over top of the door. Everything you could think you'd WANT this to have.

      simple & sturdy

      does its job well