Insanely Reflective Motorcycle Chest Rig

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Your family and friends will wish you had this chest rig. Not only will it help drivers see you, it's extremely comfortable and conveniently holds all your important stuff.

    • Be seen and ride safer. Features an extremely reflective exterior. This means no more "Sorry mate I didn't see you".
    • Conveniently access all your important things. Innovative 'shelf' design flips outwards and opens really wide - giving more visibility and access.
    • Easy to use and adjust with gloves on. Large zipper pulls, magnetic buckles and quick release straps make it super easy to use and adjust - even with gloves on.
    • Extremely comfortable. The entire inner surface is lined with breathable air mesh and foam.
    • No annoying flappy straps. Velcro, clips and elastic ensure straps ends won't flap in the wind.
    • Your stuff won't get wet. AquaGuard YKK zips ensure this rig is water resistant in light showers.
    • Super adjustable. Wear it the height you want by adjusting the top straps. Adjust the side straps to ensure a comfortable, snug fit around your torso.

    Will it fit? To ensure a good fit, put your gear on and measure your chest in-line with your bottom rib. If the measurement falls between 36.2" to 67.7" (92cm to 171cm), the rig will fit well. To see a more detailed sizing guide for the chest rig, please click here.


    Insanely reflective

    Dark and hard to see

    Padded wide shoulder straps

    Thin & uncomfortable

    Designed for riders

    Poorly thought out

    Smooth strap adjustment

    Sticky and hard to adjust

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    Fast dispatch

    within 1-2 days


    1. It helps you survive by making drivers notice you. Unlike other chest rigs, ours features insanely reflective panels that grab attention and make drivers see you. If you Google "motorcycle chest rig" you'll notice that others are mostly black. This makes it hard for drivers to see during the day and almost impossible at night.
    2. Convenient flip out 'shelf' design. Most other chest rigs are just a small bag, which is really hard to get your hands into (especially with gloves on). Unlike those, this chest rig flips outwards and opens really wide. This gives you more visibility and access to your important stuff inside. It also features a gusset on either side so you won't have to worry about your stuff falling out when it's fully open.
    3. It’s extremely comfortable. This chest rig is specially designed for riders. The shoulder straps are wide and padded to fit perfectly over motorcycle jackets (or not if that's how you roll). The entire inner surface is covered with air mesh padding to ensure maximum comfort.
    4. Designed for riders. It features: large zippers pulls that can easily be grabbed with gloves; velcro, clips and elastic to hold the strap ends so they won't flap in the wind; magnetic buckles that are super easy to attach; and a clip to hold your garage key.
    5. Super adjustable.You can adjust it to sit exactly how you like with the vertical and horizontal straps. Just put it on loose, the pull the strap ends until you're happy.

    Short answer: this rig is proper high quality and quality materials aren't cheap.

    Detailed answer: I hate when I get a product I'm excited about only for it to feel shitty and break quickly. What's the point in buying something only for it to be uncomfortable and break after 1 or 2 rides?

    So I made this chest rig from really high quality materials and parts. This includes:

    • Extremely reflective, OEKO-TEX 100 certified, water resistant, scratch resistant material covering the outside.
    • YKK AquaGuard zips with large zipper pulls.
    • Magnetic easy clip buckles.
    • Air mesh padding the entire inner surface.
    • Seatbelt quality nylon straps.

    We also have fantastic customer support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We won't let you be disappointed.

    Scroll up a bit to see some pictures of how it looks inside. But here's a quick breakdown of the internals:

    • Large fleece lined pocket against the back wall for your phone
    • 2 medium pockets for your wallet/other stuff
    • 6 elastic loops for your tools/vape/tv remote
    • Large elastic dump pock on the outer wall
    • Carabiner on the outer wall for your garage key
    • Elastic loops along the top edge for a pen or to add more carabiners
    • Pocket on the outside for whatever

    8.6" x 6.7" x 2.8"

    22cm x 17cm x 7cm

    This chest rig is extremely reflective, but does not emit light itself.

    It's a mix between soft and hard. It's not a hard shell, but holds its shape better than normal floppy soft chest rigs.

    In order to keep it lightweight and comfortable, it does not have protection. The entire inner surface is covered by comfortable foam and air mesh.

    Short answer: It is water resistant. This means your stuff will stay dry during light showers.

    Detailed answer: Waterproofness is a scale. At one end you have containers you can take scuba diving. At the other you have 'your shit will get wet'.

    Generally, the more waterproof something is, the harder it is to open and close and the less user-friendly it is.

    I didn't want to create something that is so difficult to open that you wouldn't want to use it.

    Therefore, I've tried to balance user-friendliness with water-resistance.

    The entire rig surface is covered by reflective material that is water-resistant; the zips are YKK AquaGuard; and the seams are constructed to ensure maximum water resistance.

    This all means that this rig is water-resistant in light showers. However, if you ride through a storm, or in light rain for a long time, the contents inside may get wet.

    To ensure a good fit, put your gear on and measure your chest in-line with your bottom rib. If the measurement falls between 36.2" to 67.7" (92cm to 171cm), the rig will fit well. To see a more detailed sizing guide for the chest rig, please click here.

    It will fit fine if your jacket has a small hump. However, if your jacket or race suit has a moto GP sized hump, the rig will not fit.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Rocky Hernandez
    Motoloot Chest Rig

    I really like it a lot I can add whati need with me all the time

    Jon Grajales

    Best rig I purchased by far , fits everything I normally carry while riding and it looks fire

    Marc Devoe

    Light weight. Hold just the right amount of stuff. Easy on and off.
    Super reflective. This is a must have for rides that you don’t need the bulky backpack.
    Killed it again Motoloot!

    Insanely Reflective Motorcycle Chest Rig Moto Loot
    Insanely Reflective Motorcycle Chest Rig