Motorcycle Helmet Cover - Pirate

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  • Yes, children will laugh...
    Yes, people will point...
    And yes, you will brighten everyone's day when you ride past!

    Your pirate motorcycle helmet cover will not only turn heads but will also protect your expensive lid from dust, scratches and chipping!

    These motorcycle helmet covers are made from real pirate skin. No, not really - its actually stretchy nylonish material with a big bit of elastic around the bottom to hold them firmly to the helmet.

    If you're not convinced you need this, please tell me why not. Seriously, flick me an email to and tell us what we need to do to convince you to grab it :)

    Helmet cover features include:

    • One size fits most helmets.
    • Helmet protection from dust, scratches and chips.
    • Reduce wind noise.
    • Are washable.


    • These are all one size that fits snugly over most motorcycle helmets
    • These covers can potentially impede vision, dependent on the type of motorcycle helmet and how it has been fitted.
    • It is not recommended to wear this helmet cover while travelling at high speeds as it can increase wind drag.
    • These covers can reduce wind noise and other surrounding sounds.
    • Look best with dark visors.
    • It is your responsibility to comply with the laws applicable to you.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Yan Plante
Pirate... Hacker, samething :)

I love it! It fits very well on my Harley Davidson full-face helmet.

I will certainly buy more eventually.

Hack the Planet! Arrrgh!!

Brett Rinn
Pirate Helmet Cover

My first (but certainly not last) helmet cover purchase from MotoLoot! I love the Pirate - looks great, fits perfect (HJC), and for me it DOES reduce wind noise significantly. Get great reactions from pedestrians and other drivers every time I ride.

Bobby Mccoy
Awesome as always

It was awesome fits great looks great everyone loves it


Lovin my pirate vibe. Seriously, I’ve never had this many people taking my picture and video while I’m out riding ( And I ride a very unique bike)
Everyone that sees me smiles and waves or honks their horn.

Keith McKay
All the smiles

Just rode with this for the first time and so many people smiled, laughed and waved. It was one of the first times riding my motorcycle I felt like I was doing something fun for my community. Stoked on the purchase, thanks!

Motorcycle Helmet Cover - Pirate
Motorcycle Helmet Cover - Pirate