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Perfect Fit

I have an Icon 'Armed Forces' helmet. The police cover fits perfectly all the way around. Can't wait to see all the looks at the bike meet.

Nice addition

It's a nice addition to the bike.

Clucking' good time

Very much enjoy the way this cover looks. Also brings smiles to others around when they get a glimpse.

Looks fire.

Great quality.

Great stuff!

Im from the Netherlands so it took a bit longer to get here but man are my girlfriend and i glad with the stuff we ordered. Its decently priced and the quality is great! Especially the tire rings are awesome! Only feedback id give is get mor to sell cause with customs costs, id rather make big orders 😆

Love it

Nice light weight tag, I like that the embroidery is on both sides and. It just single sided

Great Helmet Cosmetic

I was worried that this product would not fit my helmet as I wear an XS helmet, but it fits great! The visor is not covered at all and it hangs slightly past the bottom of the helmet. I would not that the ears and tongue are sewn down so they will not flop in the wind or be able to be smacked like the bunny ears, but this does not take away how fun this cover is. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add some extra flair to your gear, I highly recommend buying one of these helmet covers.

Excellent Product

I bought two of these to hang both mine and my wife's helmets, and they work amazing. It is easy to install and you can fit two on one door. I highly recommend this if you do not want to put holes in your walls and want to free up space from where your helmet is currently placed.

Key Chain

Today, I received the key chain I ordered. It’s made of high quality material and has the verbiage stitched on both side. That was a become surprise. The chain is good quality at a great price.

A lot of fun

Those helmet covers are great quality and fits my helmet perfectly. This is my second style and I love them. People giving me thumbs up and smiling. Highly recommended

Fits and looks great

Fits perfectly on my icon airflite helmet, which I was worried it wouldn’t since the helmet has an elongated shape. Doesn’t slide up in the wind which is nice too, and the fins flap around which is pretty funny. This helmet gets way more attention than the Elmo and rabbit that I also have


I've now got 15 covers from you and this is definitely my favourite ❤️ I went out wearing it today (Hardknott Pass in England) & it made so many people smile. ❤️

New favorite bracelet

I got my bracelet today and it's my new favorite thing! I love it so much and it looks great! Wraps around my arm perfectly, feels great, and I love the look of the helmet strap! Makes me smile whenever I look down at it!

Perfect fit

It fit perfectly. The quality is amazing and seems like it will hold up for a long time. Now everyone around me can see the finger without me having to do it.

For the wife

Bought for her because she started to get tired of hearing people ask if it’s her husband’s bike. Now with this addition they don’t even have to ask because it says it for her. She loves it


My son is really happy with his dragon

Amazing Keychain

Love my Keychain unlike other ones I do not have to worry about it Flying off my bike. People think it says Kawasaki but when they realize what it says they get a good laugh out of it.

Enjoy your keychain

That’s my favorite one

I love it

Very practical gifts and fun to have it

New fave!

Love the color, the look, style and the feel. This thing reeks of Quality!

It was perfect

Nice Material great handling and shipping I loved it and I’m definitely buying more things


Love this bracelet! It's so comfortable- never taking it off!!! Thank you.