Insanely Reflective Motorcycle Backpack

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Your family and friends will wish you had this backpack. If you're a rider that cares about comfort, functionality and living life - this backpack was made for you.

    • Be seen and ride safer. Features the largest, most reflective panels of any backpack. This means no more "Sorry mate I didn't see you".
    • No more shoulder and back pain. Padded, super-wide shoulder straps and chest strap to take pressure off your shoulders.
    • Easy to use with gloves on. Large zipper pulls and quick release straps make it super easy to use and adjust - even with gloves on.
    • Aerodynamic design means no wind tugging. Slimline design and elastic to hold straps means nothing to catch wind and pull on your shoulders. 
    • No annoying helmet bump. Shoulder strap designed so your helmet won't bump your bag when your tucked. 
    • Holds all your important things. 35L capacity with pockets for your laptop, phone, wallet and other belongings. 
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    1. It helps you survive by making drivers notice you. Unlike other backpacks, ours features insanely reflective panels that grab attention and make drivers see you. If you Google "motorcycle backpack," you'll notice that others are mostly black. This makes it hard for drivers to see during the day and almost impossible at night.
    2. It’s extremely comfortable. This backpack is specially designed for riders. The shoulder straps are wide and padded to fit perfectly with motorcycle jackets. Standard backpacks aren't designed for larger chest and shoulder dimensions caused by your jacket, which can increase pressure on your shoulders. The chest strap is extra long and strong to accommodate motorcycle jackets and relieve pressure from your shoulders and back. The shoulder straps are also designed to prevent your helmet from bumping on the backpack when you lean forward, which is an annoying issue with many other bags.
    3. Designed for a water bladder or cables, the shoulder straps feature an easy access slot where you can feed cables or a water tube. You can add a water bladder to the bag for longer rides or put a battery pack in your bag and run a cable directly to your helmet camera.
    4. Aerodynamic, no tug design.When you're riding, the last thing you want to deal with is wind tugging on your bag or straps flapping in the wind. With this backpack, you won't have to worry about these annoying issues. Its aerodynamic design means the wind won't grab and pull at your backpack and shoulders. It also has minimal external straps and elastic loops to hold the essential shoulder adjustment straps.
    5. Easy to use with gloves on.All aspects of this backpack have been designed to be easy to use with gloves on.

    It has a total capacity of 35L. The main compartment includes a padded pocket for laptops and a pocket for phones/wallets. The secondary compartment features a zippered mesh pocket and several smaller pockets. There are pockets on either side of the bag perfectly sized for action cameras or accessories. Lastly, there's a pocket at the base of the bag that contains a waterproof cover.

    This backpack is extremely reflective, but does not emit light itself.

    It's a mix between soft and hard. It's not a hard shell, but holds its shape better than normal soft backpacks.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Dominic Merlino
    Buy It Already

    Absolutely love the bag. Great visibility at night and provides the perfect amount of storage for short to long rides. Comfort is something you'll notice straight away.

    Brandon Nelson
    Very visible

    I'm happy with the pack. It's getting darker earlier and I'm glad I have a backpack that reflects like this one. Makes me feel safe in the dark and wind doesn't pull on it when I'm going fast. Great product

    Todd Isaacson
    Back pack pull strap design

    Overall a good product . This is my second one purchased. Would like to see the front pull straps diameter increased. Difficult to grab hold of the pulls with gloves on.

    Jacob Thomas
    My Daily Riding Bag

    Overall this is a great backpack. It has plenty of interior space to have trauma kit, lunch and dinner, work clothes, and still have room left over. The reflect-ability is very noticeable. I would recommend for future models to make the straps increasingly reinforced while also adding a waste strap. When riding the straps pinch in a bit in order to have the backpack on tight. The lack of a waste strap cause the bag to jump away and hit the back when riding over bumps if you have decent weight in your backpack.


    I’m impressed by the style and look of this bag, I also own the RiderBag (RB) Reflektor35 bag and think MOTOLOOTS (ML) reflective bag is a great competitor.

    The 2 bags are similar, both are comfortable for longer rides, highly reflective, and store a bit (I believe 35L). I do think that RB did their bag right with the channel for your spine, emergency whistle attached to the chest strap, and the additional hip/waist strap, but I still side more with ML based on the simpler design and look.

    I have definitely recommended this one to other riders in my area. Great job MOTOLOOTS! 🤙🏻

    Insanely Reflective Motorcycle Backpack
    Insanely Reflective Motorcycle Backpack