Moto Loot

Moto Loot is home to unique motorcycle accessories that aim to fuel your passion for riding. Combining aesthetics with creativity, we inspire every rider with awesome and fun motorcycle products. While typical motorcycle brands offer everyday riding equipment, Moto Loot brings cheeky pieces that deepen your connection to riding and amplifies your lifestyle. As we pioneer the motorcycle accessories market, we offer a top-notch online shopping experience that’s convenient and enjoyable. With our community at the heart of everything we do, the result is an unparalleled selection of must-have motorcycle fun.

Our Products

For any riding enthusiast who visits our online store, we understand your love for riding and salute it with a large and rider-specific product selection. We cater to a variety of bike styles and riders with the goal to send you off with quality, trusted motorcycle gear spanning key tags, helmet covers, jewellery, wallets, t-shirts, and more. Items seamlessly intertwine with the lifestyles of riders to represent and celebrate the riding community. On the daily, we’re constantly growing our product selection based on customer-feedback with the hope to help you find what you need for your ride and your lifestyle.

Our Story

Moto Loot was founded on the belief that motorcycle riders should be able to celebrate and fuel their passion for riding with unique accessories that inspire and make you smile. With this approach, our founder Chris Cole set out to create a destination for fun, interesting and unique motorcycle accessories. 

Launched in 2015, Moto Loot introduces a new vision and product selection rooted in fun and our founder’s unique love for riding. Tired of the lack of cool and interesting accessory selection for riders, Chris took a new approach to motorcycle accessories that is easy-going, and at times a little careless.

Today, with a special attention to interesting details, our founder proudly designs and offers a variety of distinctive, fun items. Through our unique product selection, you'll see we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Instead, we focus on what we love to do - escaping daily life out on our bikes and living the riding lifestyle. From funny slogan t-shirts and motorcycle chain bracelets, to custom key tags, we help you live and represent the riding lifestyle on the daily.

Moto Loot was created with the riding community in mind. We started with a limited number of products, and since then, we have grown to welcome an expanded product range backed by consumer-demand. Our community has helped make Moto Loot what it is today and thanks to them we offer products from cool brands you won’t find anywhere else.

Through the years we have grown, but our commitment to offering inspirational pieces that fuel your passion for riding has remained the same. Moto Loot is home to unique motorcycle accessories, but above all it’s a place for the riding community to live their passion.

Note from Founder
I really do care about this business and my customers. You are the most important part of my business. If you have any problems, questions or just want to chat about bikes, flick me an email to chris@motoloot.com and I’ll get back to you within a couple of hours!
Chris Cole