Moto Key Tags

Motorcycle Keychain Tags Remind You the Road is Just Waiting for Your Next Adventure

Think about all the miles you’ve earned riding your motorcycle. Now think about all the awesome stories people who don’t ride could never understand. Now remember those people don’t matter because they don’t ride. That’s the kind of attitude we want you to embrace with this hilarious, fun, and creative Moto Loot Motorcycle Key Tags.

Crafted with heavy-duty, high-quality fabric these key tags attach to your keyring and represent your lifestyle as a rider with more than a little intensity. Our extensive key tag collection features concepts, colors, designs, and sayings that are a constant reminder that your life isn’t behind a desk or being stuck at work—it’s just sitting out there in the parking lot on two wheels just waiting to take you on a new adventure.

Have a Laugh, Create a Reminder, or Show Off Your Attitude

Moto Loot key tags for motorcycle riders have a bunch of different uses beyond the general ability to make you laugh at yourself or other people. In fact, it helps you keep track of your keys with bright colors, adds another way to grab and hold your keys, keeps keys more easily accessible in your pocket, and helps represent things that matter to you.

In fact, we offer these classic moto key tags in a ton of different options including the American flag and the Thin Blue Line, as well as our hilarious tags like the “Panty Dropper”, “Gas or Ass No Free Rides”, and “Kawasexy”. Get one or collect them all; we guarantee they’ll make you laugh every time you climb on the bike.

Keep Track of Your Keys and Unleash a Little Attitude

There’s not a moment where you aren’t taking your keys along with you, which means adding a key tag is a great way to keep a handle on them and show off your attitude at the same time. Do yourself a favor and make it easier to keep an eye on them, pull them out of your pocket, and make sure they stand out when in your bike with a fun Moto Loot key tag designed for modern riders.

Get a key tag for yourself or give one to a buddy who could use a laugh. They’re perfect gift ideas for men and women who enjoy the open road. If you’d like to see something new added to our shop, don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know. Simply contact us via and we’ll be happy to hear how we can make your ride truly unforgettable.