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Love it!

It looks great on the back window on the truck and windscreen on the ninja 🤙


Very good quality. I was asked so many time, where they can find this bracelet. I love it very much.

Best When Soggy

I absolutely love this helmet cover. This is my 5th helmet cover and every single one has been made to the highest quality and the perfect fit. My bike is my daily rider and I wear a helmet cover everyday! Rain or shine (they do great in the rain.) I absolutely love Motoloot ❤️ and I'll keep coming back for more!

Spooky time

A really solid helmet cover. I have it on a large (i think) RF-1400 shoei and it fits perfect. One thing I was surprised about was the amount of drag that the helmet cover caused. If you go about 55-70 MPH it’s manageable for sure but 120+ not so much so just food for thought. The one thing I do wish was easier would be to open your visor. There’s slight trade offs for having the helmet cove but the looks and waves are worth it tbh. 10/10.

Love it

Just as described

Love it!

Fits my helmet well. No wind resistance. People love it. I bought fuzzy gloves to match it. Green eyes really stand out.

Love it. People actually look and see me and stay out of my way. Will definitely be ordering more in the future.

Cow cover review

Absolutely love it. It’s funny af. I have people jumping out of their cars to take a picture with me.

Helmet cover

Everyone loves it while I ride, people are always taking my pictures and waving at me, it makes me happy I can put a smile on peoples face and make everyone laugh and makes me feel even better when they wave to me or stop and stare as I ride past them, I would highly recommend getting one they also help you be seen on the road more and it has definitely already helped with people pulling out in front of me.


Love it 😍 good

Pretty cool

Fits nice! Got some good laughs and smiles.


The message is spot on for someone like me, always looking for my damn keys. Stitching is perfect, quality amazing, I’m so happy with all of my new tags. Also the overseas shipping (to UK) didn’t take as long as I thought it would, which is another plus

The key to happiness

I love the message, and the quality is really really good. This is one of the 7 keychains that I ordered, and the second one I’ve used so far and I’m so happy with it.

Love it

Bought two of these, for my friend and I, and we both love it. The quality is amazing, so much better than I expected and they’re quite big too

This is halloween 🦇

I loved this product on the moment I see it and the quality of the cover it's this what I waiting for

Reflective Rim Tape
Manos Mpakogiannis
From Greece 🇬🇷

Very good glue and bright at night and the day

I love it

I love this I always getting compliments

Super cute

Did a toy run and it was so fun to see the kids pointing. Only negatives are: a bit of headbobble on the highway and fabric gets in way when closing shield so road with it cracked open a smidge. Still worth it for fun 😁 also the bell actually rings when going over bumps which I find fun.

Will cause smiles from cagers!!

After just two short rides around town Ive already gotten several compliments, waves, and lots of smiles.

Outstanding product

I was amazed at the quality. I was not expecting such a high level of printing and materials

Great quality

I was amazed at the quality. I was not expecting such a high level of printing and materials.

It’s pretty awesome!

Breaking people’s necks on the road haha

Cow cover

She absolutely loved her cow helmet cover great price and fast shipping

Cool wrist strap

Cool and unique wrist strap love it thanks