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He needed a band replacement & of course, I have to match him in someway. As a riding couple, this is perfect.


It fits perfect and many people smile if they see me!

Great product!

Really nice keytag. Very impressed by the logo printed on the key ring.
My 2 rider coleagues want keytags also… i will buy them as gift for theyr birthdays 😜

Don't Die - Reservoir Cover
Andrew Palmisano
Brake reservoir cover

Fits great. Just as described.

Great Quality Keychain

The colors are nice and vibrant, it looks just like the picture, and it’s super sturdy without being too inflexible. No issues with shipping or with the product. Within the first week of having this keychain on my keys, I’ve gotten multiple compliments on it. Would definitely recommend!


I can’t believe how many smiles I’ve put on peoples faces. I’ve had for less than a week and am in love! So easy to use and washable. I can put it in my helmet and my extra one! Love this cover. No regrets. Amazing product. I can’t say enough goodness about this item. I love it.
Also! I’ve made some cops smile as well!!

Coolest tags!

I bought 3 key tags for my husbands birthday. They were all so vibrant and colorful, some of the quotes were hilarious so I couldn’t not buy them. They also had a deal at the time where if I bought 2 tags I got 1 free, it was a really great deal and I’m glad I took advantage of it because I couldn’t choose between the 3 I bought. The stitching is immaculate, the shipping did take a day longer than what was estimated but I got them fairly quickly regardless. These are fun and I plan on buying some more for my husband and brother in law next!

These tags are nucking futs!

I bought my husband 3 different tags from motoloot and he love them all but his absolute favorite was the nucking futs tag as it’s something he says a lot. The tag is a bright red color, the stitch work is spot on and the tag itself is nice and thick. Overall a great product!

Amazing cover

Wife loves the new lucky cat helmet cover. We are up to 5 covers now.


Wow! It totally is insanely reflective and the quality is great! It’s really comfortable! Best motorcycle backpack I’ve ever owned! Gonna go show it off on Instagram right now 😂 (5ft_shorty)

Key Tags

Just received my key tags and I like them! My personal favorite is the "My Therapist" key tag since I always talk about getting some throttle therapy every time I go for a ride. lol

Grom life

Found the perfect key tag for my grom (:

Lucky Cat

Can’t wait to wear it.


Can’t wait to wear it.


Love my new keychain


Looks great, love it!!

I love it!

I just love it, it looks amazing. The quality feels and looks really good and the customer service is even better!


Love it, can’t fault it. Been waiting over a year for this bad boy

My 4th one now!

I keep coming back with every new bike, because of the quality. Quick delivery. Will buy these time and time again!


Material muito bom


I've driven the "Elfstedentocht" in Holland. And loads of love and great support.

High quality, high fives

I bought the narwhal cover to have a bit of fun while riding. It’s absolutely worked. My friends cringe every time I ride with them, and I’ve seen kids and adults alike turn and smile as I ride past. It’s nice to know I’m bringing just a little joy to peoples’ days. It has the added benefit of increasing rider visibility by being a bright pink blob!

The cover itself is excellent quality and comes with application instructions, but it’s really quite easy to take on and off. It’s soft, the colour is bright and it’s not creepy or lopsided like some of the cheap rip-offs.

There are a couple of things to consider when purchasing. Firstly, it does decrease ventilation while riding as it covers the air intake ports on your helmet. You can still raise and lower your visor, though of course that might ruin the effect. Second, I’ve noticed my over-the-shoulder sight is a bit more limited as the cover slightly obscures the peripheral edges of the visor. I have a standard Shark helmet. You can still check your shoulder, you just need to turn further and look longer to do so.

All in all, I highly recommend getting yourself a helmet cover. They’re fun, flashy, and they make people around you smile. What more could you want?

Amazing product!

I bought my husband the evil rabbit helmet cover and he loves it! Not just him tho, everyone on the road always get a smile on their faces when my husband pulls up next to them. They wave and snap pictures and if you know my husband you know his favorite thing to do is bring a smile to someone’s face. The cover is very fluffy, it has actual eyeballs not some embroidered ones, the ears stick straight up and overall it’s just a fun cover. The quality of the material is also great for the price. Can’t beat $38 bucks!

Very good and working well.

It's easy to use and quality is good!

Love it

Very nice quality key chain and postage was pretty quick considering I live in the UK will definitely be ordering more from this great company