Our Reservoir Covers

Brake Reservoir Cover Information

These motorcycle reservoir covers will make your riding friends jealous. Other riders will spot your reservoir cover from a mile away and come over to ask where you got your awesome piece of moto loot!
These reservoir covers don't just look amazing, they are functional too.
Firstly, they are constructed to be thick enough to prevent UV rays from reaching your reservoir. This prevents discoloration of your plastic brake and clutch reservoirs. Some riders also believe that UV rays cause brake fluid to deteriorate and become less effective. These reservoir covers will assist in preventing this as no sunlight is able to penetrate them.
Also, these reservoir covers will help prevent any brake fluid that may leak from your reservoir, from destroying other parts of your motorcycle. I'm sure you already know brake fluid is not something to mess around with. It will ruin your paintwork and corrode metal pretty quickly. So cover those reservoirs up with one of these.
Lastly, for those of you that have dipsticks, these covers can be used to wipe them off. Although we don't really recommend this, sometimes you really need to check your oil level and have nothing to clean your dipstick with!
If you have any questions, suggestions, problems or comments, please get in contact with me at chris@motoloot.com or click here. I'll reply ASAP!