Motorcycle Bracelets

Represent the Open Road Lifestyle with Motorcycle Bracelets Made for Riders

There’s nothing like the freedom of the open road, especially when the roar of a motorcycle engine is rumbling just beneath you. As an avid rider you know that riding a motorcycle is not just something you do on Sunday with your buddies, it’s who you are, day-in and day-out. And for people like us who don’t just ride in the afternoon and call it good, we want gear that really speaks to who we are and what we love.

We created these premium Moto Loot Motorcycle Bracelets as way to express our motorcycling lifestyle. From rugged styles that look just like your bike chain to stylish bands blending leather and steel together, our bracelets for men and women are just one more way to show that riding isn’t just a pastime—it’s a way of life.

Designed to show off your attitude and stand up to everything the road can throw at you our high-quality motorcycle bracelets will match you mile for mile.

But Did You Die? Bracelets for Real Motorcycle Riders

There are people out there who will never know what it’s like to lean into a tight corner and feel the hum of the road and your bike under you. And they have no idea what it’s like to go out riding with all your buddies and have the raw energy from riders ignite your love of riding. But the people who made these motorcycle bracelets do, because just like you we’re always looking for that next great ride.

Moto Loot bracelets offer the ideal balance of style, customization, and rugged design. Choose from chain bracelets, military-grade double cords, and even custom-engraved clasps that only people who ride can truly appreciate. We use premium stainless steel, full-grain leather, and other high-end materials to ensure your bracelet matches your attitude and your ride from start to finish.

Choose from a wide range of great options including “Live to Ride/Ride to Live”, a motorcycle “heartbeat”, black and red triple corded leather and steel, “No It’s Not His Bike” for the ladies, and even “Don’t F*cking Die” to remind yourself to keep the rubber side down.

Hit the Road with Style

Motorcycle bracelets are a great way to express your personality and individual style. And whether you love a good “crotch rocket” or you’re cruising the country on a classic Harley Davidson, we’ve got a band that’s sure to fit your look. And because our bracelets for motorcycle riders are made to outlast long trips, inclement weather, and those all-night stopovers at your favourite bar, each one is backed by our unbeatable satisfaction guarantee.

Get one for yourself or give one to an active rider in your life by checking out all our unique styles above. If you’d like to see something new added to our shop, don’t hesitate to reach out and tell us what you’d like to see. Simply contact us via and we’ll be happy to hear how we can make your ride truly unforgettable.