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Motorcycle Keychain Information

Support your favorite motovloggers with these awesome bits of motovlogger merchandise. Every key tag purchase from this page will directly support your favorite motovlogger. This means you are indirectly helping them to create the content you love to watch!
These motorcycle key tags don't just look amazing, they are useful too! They are consructed from durable fabric, so they have no sharp corners or edges. This means you won't have to worry about your keychain scratching up your motorcycle.
Being 5.11" (13cm) long, these motorcycle keychains are pretty big. This makes them much harder to lose! A customer recently explained this point perfectly, he wrote "with a big ass tag hanging off my key, it will be much harder to lose the damn thing". Isn't that the truth!
Have you ever put your gloves on only to realize your key is at the bottom of your pocket? Yep, me too... With a motorcycle key tag you'll never have this problem again. Simply grab the end of the tag and pull out your key.
If you have any questions, suggestions, problems or comments, please get in contact with us at or click here. We'll reply ASAP!