Drop a Gear and Disappear - Blue Motorcycle Keychain

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Why Moto Loot
  • Let's be honest, your riding buddies will be extremely jealous when they see you with this unique motorcycle keychain!

    Have you ever seen a motorcycle with horrible scratches around the ignition key hole? Moto Key Tags have been specifically designed so this won't happen to your beautiful motorcycle. They are constructed with durable fabric, so there are no sharp edges to scratch up your paintwork!

    If you're not convinced you need this, please tell me why not. Seriously, flick me an email to crew@motoloot.com and tell us what we need to do to convince you :)


    • Drop a Gear and Disappear design on both sides of the blue keychain
    • Scratch resistant
    • Make your keys easier to find
    • Easy to pull from pocket
    • Design embroidered on both sides



    • You are purchasing one key chain.
    • International shipping available.
    • Motorcycles not included in purchase.
    • This key chain will make your friends jealous.