Motorcycle Helmet Cover - Black, Blue and Green

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  • Yes, children will laugh...
    Yes, people will point...
    And yes, you will brighten everyone's day when you ride past!

    Your black, blue and green motorcycle helmet cover will not only turn heads but will also protect your expensive lid from dust, scratches and chipping!

    These motorcycle helmet covers are made from real monster fur. No, not really - its actually stretchy nylonish material with a big bit of elastic around the bottom to hold them firmly to the helmet.

    If you're not convinced you need this, please tell me why not. Seriously, flick me an email to and tell us what we need to do to convince you to grab it :)

    Helmet cover features include:

    • One size fits most helmets.
    • Helmet protection from dust, scratches and chips.
    • Reduce wind noise.
    • Are washable.


    • These are all one size that fits snugly over most motorcycle helmets
    • These covers can potentially impede vision, dependent on the type of motorcycle helmet and how it has been fitted.
    • It is not recommended to wear this helmet cover while travelling at high speeds as it can increase wind drag.
    • These covers can reduce wind noise and other surrounding sounds.
    • Look best with dark visors.
    • It is your responsibility to comply with the laws applicable to you.
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Amazing Helmet Cover

I bought this helmet cover for myself, but now my 10 year old nephew has it. He loves it. And the people around that has seen us ride by love it as well. Brings smiles to our faces and people around us. Blessings to you all! Thankyou.

Austin Huarte
Helmet cover

Everyone loves it while I ride, people are always taking my pictures and waving at me, it makes me happy I can put a smile on peoples face and make everyone laugh and makes me feel even better when they wave to me or stop and stare as I ride past them, I would highly recommend getting one they also help you be seen on the road more and it has definitely already helped with people pulling out in front of me.

David Noble
Helmet cover

I borrowed one for a charity run and people loved it, the response was amazing, photos getting taking , kid pointing. So I had to order one myself.
Ps I live in Scotland

Robert Hedrick

Super badass and funny as hell couldn't be more satisfied

Irene Top
It is amazing and not only the product!

The cover was at first a bit hard to get on my helmet but once I figured it out it was amazing. Its not at all heavy it is soft and very funny. You will attract stares and laugh and its amazing to make peoples day with it! It is comfy and it is not as hot as i thought it would be. I would recommend anyone to get this. The reactions are gold!

Motorcycle Helmet Cover - Black, Blue and Green
Motorcycle Helmet Cover - Black, Blue and Green