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  • Yes, children will laugh...
    Yes, people will point...
    And yes, you will brighten everyone's day when you ride past!

    Your Monkey motorcycle helmet cover will not only turn heads but will also protect your expensive lid from dust, scratches and chipping!

    These motorcycle helmet covers are made from real wild monster fur. No, not really - its actually stretchy nylonish fur material with a big bit of elastic around the bottom to hold them firmly to the helmet.

    If you're not convinced you need this, please tell me why not. Seriously, flick me an email to and tell us what we need to do to convince you to grab it :)

    Helmet cover features include:

    • One size fits most helmets.
    • Helmet protection from dust, scratches and chips.
    • Reduce wind noise.
    • Are washable.


    • These are all one size that fits snugly over most motorcycle helmets
    • These covers can potentially impede vision, dependent on the type of motorcycle helmet and how it has been fitted.
    • It is not recommended to wear this helmet cover while travelling at high speeds as it can increase wind drag.
    • These covers can reduce wind noise and other surrounding sounds.
    • Look best with dark visors.
    • It is your responsibility to comply with the laws applicable to you.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Ian Savage
Very impressed

Well made and perfect fit. And looks awesome.

Jeremy Banham
Where’s my banana?

Good helmet cover, fits well, fur is a bit shorter and less wind resistant so rides better at freeway speeds than my orange muppet one. The main part of the design seems a little small though, so from even a relatively small distance it is somewhat unclear what it’s supposed to be. Still it’s cute enough to make people smile, get waves and laughs and generally share good vibes, which is what it’s all about yeah?

Denis Roy

They look awesome on the helmets. Can’t wait to use them once we start riding again. Come on spring, hurry up

Matthew Verboom
Greatest Accessory Ever!

The fit is great and I can’t wait to roll around on Halloween with this on my head. It is super easy to slip on and off. Clearly the vents will be covered so I would suggest wearing this cover in the colder months. Next Halloween if I need a costume, I know exactly where to come ;)

Great buy!

A great addition to my Airoh LS2 full face helmet (I need to find a way to stop the visor fogging up), can't wait to use this (as soon as I find the right size monkey costume).

The customer service is second to none!

I will be spend more of my money here in the future! :D

Motorcycle Helmet Cover - Monkey
Motorcycle Helmet Cover - Monkey