Motorcycle Necklace - Finger

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Why Moto Loot
  • Beware, some people might find this offensive but riders will love it! They'll also likely ask you where you got your sick motorcycle middle finger necklace. 


    • Riders will notice and ask where you got it - the sick motorcycle glove middle finger design will get attention.
    • Has a quality, weighty feel - we didn't cheap out and make these hollow to save money. They are solid.
    • Don't need to worry about it rusting or getting damaged - it's crafted from solid stainless steel.
    • Easy to put on chain - your necklace comes with a stainless steel round box style chain with a familiar clip style closure.
    • Don't need to take it off for water - That's right, it can get wet and you don't need to worry.
    • Skin friendly - It's all stainless steel (no nickel).

    This pendant itself is approximately 0.79" x 1.42" (20mm x 36mm). It comes with a 23.6" (60cm) round box style chain. 


    • International shipping available (Import duty and tax fees may apply in your country).
    • This necklace will make your friends jealous.